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We believe in taking advantage of dental technology whenever it makes your treatment faster, easier, and more comfortable. Many of the technologies we use at the office of Andrew R. Jung, DDS, also allow you to play a greater part in the decision-making process.

After one visit to our Long Beach dental office, we think you will understand the benefits that technology brings to your dental care. Please take a moment to learn more about the dental technology we use to improve your dental experience.

Digital X-Rays

Many common dental issues start where they can’t be seen – deep within enamel or gum tissue. Digital x-rays allow us to find these problems when they’re small, long before they cause discomfort.

Our patients also like the safety of digital x-rays because significantly less radiation is required to produce these images compared to film x-rays. There are estimates that say digital x-rays reduce your exposure by as much as 80%!

Digital x-rays produce highly detailed images, making it easy to project them directly on our chair side monitors. Our doctors can manipulate the image, make it larger or smaller, and even rotate it so you can immediately see what the problem is and why treatment is necessary.

Images taken with a digital x-ray can also be stored securely in your patient record. This allows easy access when reviewing your history or sending the images electronically to specialists and insurance providers. Since no chemicals are used to process digital images, they are also better for the environment!

Nitrous Oxide

It’s very common to get stressed out about dental visits. Studies indicate that up to 15% of Americans suffer from dental phobia. That’s over 30 million people!

Fortunately, dentists today are more focused than ever on patient comfort. Nitrous oxide is an effective calming gas that’s mixed with oxygen. It is administered through a small tube that sits comfortably under your nose. As you breathe normally, you will start to gently relax.

One of the advantages of nitrous oxide is that it will not put you to sleep. Nitrous is designed to deliver short-term relaxation, which lasts just long enough to help you stay calm during your procedure. Our team is trained to safely administer nitrous, and a member of our team will monitor you throughout your appointment.

Our patients particularly like nitrous because there are no lingering effects. When we stop administering the gas, the effects dissipate quickly. You can return to work or school, and you do not need a driver to get you to and from your appointment.

Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers work the same way as lasers used for other medical procedures. They allow us to remove problematic tissue in your mouth by focusing a directed beam of light at the area to be treated. The beam is so precise that surrounding tissue is unaffected.

Dental lasers allow us to perform a number of procedures with no discomfort and little to no bleeding after treatment. Procedures commonly performed with dental lasers include periodontal treatment, recountouring of gum tissue for a more attractive smile, frenectomy (to fix a tongue tie), and relief from cold and canker sores. 

Intraoral Camera

We are always happy to invest in new technology when we know it will help our patients better understand their oral health and our recommendations. Until recently, there was no way for patients to see exactly what the dentist was seeing during an exam. Now, intraoral cameras provide us with the perfect tool for sharing important information about your oral health with you. 

An intraoral camera is a small handheld instrument about the size of a pen. As Dr. Jung directs the camera over your teeth, the images are projected directly onto a computer monitor mounted next to your chair. Since you see what Dr. Jung sees, you can better understand what the problem is, why it needs to be addressed, and what we can do to fix it. 

Digital Sensors

Used in place of traditional x-ray films, digital sensors are designed to fit comfortably into your mouth. These sensors give us images that have all the diagnostic abilities of film x-rays and more. Digital sensors are comfortable, provide better resolution, dramatically reduce radiation, and include software that provides greater control over the images produced.

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